CLUB NOTICE BOARD   (Updated 22/01/2022) 

Saturday 29 January, An Creagán and Creggan – Grade C – Mary Daly 078 6775 4593
Starting from An Creagán car park (10.00am) this walk takes us along the familiar ‘Forest and River Trail’ then onto some of the quiet country roads of Creggan returning to An Creagán for a short boardwalk through the raised bog.  An opportunity for a breath of really fresh air with arguably the most lichen (sign of clean air) I have ever seen in one small area.  Walk length – 6 miles.
We will walk on Forest tracks, tarmac roads and boardwalk so hiking shoes or boots are best.  Poles useful if desired but NOT on the boardwalk.  Some high-vis vests would also be beneficial for road-walking.
Coffee in or coffee out available with no vax-certs to worry about  (YIPPEE)
Toilets also available.  Masks will be required to enter the building.
Leaving Omagh Leisure Centre car park at the usual time of 9.30am

Sunday 6 February, Brown’s Hill to Crocknageer, Bluestacks (10k loop walk) Kevin O’Lone, Grade B  07879 444712
Saturday 12 February, Paul Woods, Grade B    07738 599223
Sunday 20 February  –  Davagh New Solar Board Walk, Kate Beggs, Grade C      07496 003295
Saturday 26 February, Tricia R-Q, Grade     07881 944749
Sunday 6 March, Anne McCullagh, Grade B     07437 892444
Saturday 12 March, Anne Flanagan, Grade B    07756 393494
Sunday 20 March, Peter McCullagh, Banagher Hill, Bluestacks, Co Donegal, Grade B     07850 489474
Saturday 26 March, Barbara Pinkerton, Baronscourt Estate, Grade C     07884 362453