The Branny Ramble:  an ideal saunter for a sultry summer Sunday.  Setting out from the Ulysses Grant Homestead this walk brought the ramblers along winding country roads where the hedges were ablaze with a profusion of summer blossom and the air filled with the scent of honeysuckle and meadowsweet.  Each turn in the road providing something of interest.  The Branny Rath a short distance uphill from the marked route girdled with verdnant hillsides afforded the ramblers views of nine counties.  This ‘Rathan Bhreathnaithe’ translating literally as safe look-out seemed the perfect spot for lunch.  On settling down the walkers soon realised they had attracted the attention of five randy rams grazing nearby.  As they came closer with uncertain intention some scanned around for suitable escape routes with one member prepared to shinny up a tree.  However the braver one uttering a loud shoo! sent them on their way – they beat a hasty retreat.  Continuing the loop back to the Homestead the ramblers had a quick look around the farmyard with its interesting display of vintage items.  Another lovely summer walk.