On Sunday 15th July 6 ramblers headed off in slightly wet and warm conditions to climb Benbradagh mountain which, at the gateway to Glenshane, is steeped in folklore – such as the story of Finvola, the Gem of the Roe, and the banshee Grainne Rua. A key US Army signal base was located at Benbradagh above Dungiven and the surfaced road running over the southern side of Benbradagh is known locally as American Road. Constructed in 1967 by the US Navy the road provided access to the US Naval Communication Centre located on the summit. The function of the base was to provide support to the United States fleet units and Commands in the Northern Atlantic through three buildings and eighteen transmitter vans. Until the base closed in 1977 Benbradagh was dotted with aerials. This US communication base was part of a hotline between America and Russia during the Cold War. The US Army constructed the road up to the side of the mountain and some people say they built an underground nuclear bunker at its top. All six ramblers enjoyed the walk which finished off with delicious apple crumble custard and ice cream in Silks Bistro, Dungiven